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Welcome to Industrial Aardvark the webpage showcasing the works of artist and imaginer Nick Hook. Nick's highly crafted paintings in acrylic have been exhibited in Cork Street in London, the University of Coleraine in Northern Ireland, the Williamsburg Art and Historical Centre, New York and the Deigo Vittrio Gallery in Miami. Nick's work is fantastical in subject matter, but is an allergory for the world we live in and the human condition.


Art has had a major crisis! After the invention of the camera representing the world as it appears is pointless, so artists had to find new ways of expressing what they saw and felt. This was fine until Marcel Duchamp chose to exhibit a urinal as a so called 'found object'. This resulted in an explosion of conceptual, navel gazing drivel.


A new kind of art is now emerging from the shadows! All the low culture that the intellectual elite has sneered at for so long has now become the basis for a new way of seeing the world. All the comic books and B-movies that were consigned to the trash can have slithered out and been mutated by genius artists like Mark Ryden and Robert Steven Connett. Faboulous magazines such as Hi Fructose have featured these Low Culture artists!


Here in the UK gallery owner Mark Downing has taken the risk of exhibiting this kind of work in his gallery I Scream and Rock, and I had a very successful exhibition there in 2011 titled SCARY ROBOTS ATE MY PUPPY!


When an art is nothing more than an Artist's pointing finger, declaring anything to be ART, then art has no value. Art used to be about talented indivduals making and painting, this needs to come back into fashion. Its past time for all the navel gazing, self indulgent object collector Modern Artists to retire and make way for a new wave of art.


Nick Hook