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Welcome to my new website Industrial Aardvark, featuring recent works in acrylic, I'll be adding photos of my converted toy sculptures shortly.


When I was a kid I used to love making models of and painting about my favourite robots, spaceships, aliens and superheroes.  When I hit my teenage years I added foxy babes and vampires to the list.

But when I started art school these inspirational items were suddenly forbidden. One of my tutors even said ‘I don’t want you painting any of the Roger Dean rubbish because it does so much damage.’  So art school wasn’t easy for me.

After leaving art school, I rebelled and returned to the book jackets and comic art that had made me want to paint.

My artistic influences are Bruce Pennington, Frank Kelly Freas and Virgil Finlay, whose artwork graced the covers of many a pulp Science Fiction magazine in the 50’s and later in the 70’s on wonderfully lurid book jackets.

Later I discovered the Goth, and Psychobilly scene and encountered gorgeous women who looked as if they’d stepped out of my favourite Vampire and Bad Girl movies. Naturally these are reflected in my paintings.

There are many cross genre meanderings in my art. I mean why can’t there be Vampires in outer space? Why can’t Elvira and Robbie the Robot hang out together? In my art these things are possible.


I've always been intertested in the bizarre and otherworldly, as a child I wanted to be a Scientist, but not the sensible, boring type! No I wanted to create scary robots and deathrays. Unfortunately I can't do this in real life, so I do it via art and imagination. So come with me on a voyage of discovery. The interdimensional Shuttle is boarding now, and its the trip of a life time.


Nick Hook

Nick Hook